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Welcome to the Glen Park Gospel Church in Eltham Victoria Australia. Within these pages you can learn a little about who and where we are, our community & ministry involvement, and even some things about our history.

The Editorial page forms the tip of a huge archive of articles published since 1995. There is also a growing collection of Bible study material available for download.

Did we mention Missions? There is information and links for most of the Mission organisations that we support.



This is the first event in history to affect the whole human world all at once; apart from Sin, apart from the great flood. Pandemic is one of the human fears that has been reckoned as a potential civilisation ending event. Think tanks have planned for what might be done to minimise its impact and the current human effort to lock down societal interaction appears to be an enactment of such a plan. At a purely human level it seems appropriate and it is correct for us all to take part and help the effort. Choose to be a part of it.

After the first year of Covid-19, we think we have a handle on it, that humanity can conquer all ills, Delta not withstanding. Lots of testing, locking down places with outbreaks, wearing masks, playing our part, and the hope of vaccination already underway. But we have learned from this event, as with all previous such occasions, that humanity's charge over our environment is tenuous. There is so much more that we do not know and must learn. Our desire to be like God in action is contrasted by our failing of God's character. While stretching out our hand to control our own lives we keep proving that we remain dependent on God's grace.

Hopefully, once we overcome this episode there will be a real reckoning of our part in God's plan for humanity. God has a plan for the world and for each individual that is part of it. We can choose to be a part of that plan or to ignore it. Lack of care for people would seem to be at the root of this event. Some are forced to live in deprivation, to make choices with unexpected consequences. If we choose to be a part of God's plan we choose to not let such things happen; we care for eachother. We already know that most will not make that choice.

Regardless of ongoing restrictions, the impact to the economy, the distress of many, the lives lost and saved; where do you stand in the bigger plan, God's plan, for humanity? Choose to be a part of it.


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