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Each month the Glen Park Gospel Church produce a one page newsletter called the Green Leaf. It's available from the chapel each Sunday. Anything that may be of mild interest will be published here.


The Other Supper

Almost at the last minute, on the evening of His arrest and trial, Jesus attended a final celebration of the passover meal with His disciples, as those more than any other would lead God's people in the new relationship of Spirit directed service. He told them. Only Jesus and His disciples were there. "I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer." That meal was most significant for its exclusiveness. The communion table is for the saints. It is holy with a significance that must be experienced to be known.

However a week before that, Jesus had participated in another feast with many of those who had closely followed Him and come to love Him. It was more than anything else a friendship celebration of fellowship and devotion. It buoyed His spirit as He steadfastly turned His face toward the cross. If the other was 'The Lord's Supper', this prior gathering was 'Our Supper'.

Our Supper was a gathering of the contemporary friends of Jesus. It was held at Bethany, a town near Jerusalem, a few miles away, at the home of intimate friends, Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus. Jesus at that time had only recently raised Lazaurus from the dead.

But it was more than an intimate social gathering as those who attended were representatives of the Church of all the ages was there: Mary was the Church worshipping and her anointing filled the whole house with fragrance. And the Church for all its faults is meant to be an object of fragrance to the world. Martha was the Church serving. Wherever its members go throughout this world it is working for the betterment of mankind. For all its faults she has led in the abolition of slavery, the leaders in the establishment of schools instead of child exploitation, of betterment of woking conditions for mankind. The Church is meant to be a fragrance to the whole world, even as Mary's fragrance filled the whole house. Lazarus was a draw card for there were still people who came just to look at him. And the life of Christ in the life of man through the ages has been the resurrection life. Certainly we look for the day of resurrection which still remains at the coming of Jesus, but the life that He gives us now is a foretaste of that which is to come, a sample in promise. Commitment in faith.

What did Mary have in mind when she took that incredibly expensive ointment to lavishly splash it on His head and feet? It was Pascal who said, 'The heart has a reason that reason does not know.' Her love of the Lord made her impetuous, for the "box" was a vase with a long narrow neck and the contents were meant to be spooned out with care. But Mary acted with an abandon that made others gasp. And love is like that. Jesus understood more deeply than perhaps even Mary. "Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to me. She has done what she could. She has anointed my body beforehand for my burial."

And Jesus in turn anointed her in perpetuity, as he does for all His worshipping Church. "Truly, I say to you, wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her." Mark 14:9


Thought for the Month

"If you look to the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. But if you look to Christ, you'll be at rest."
Corrie ten Boom who suffered in a Nazi death camp.


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