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This page presents help texts, reference notes, or fully authored material to aid your study of the Bible. Most material is provided in PDF format, in which case it is fully self contained ready for printing (Bring your own Bible). Other material may contain only the reference data intended to expand on studies as presented in person (You will have to come along to our regular study sessions to fully appreciate the context). Still other material may be constructed as its own web page which is intended to be viewed on-line.


Tuesday Evening Bible Study Group Notes

Study Leader: Rev. Chris Trinham.

We invite you to share the notes of our Bible studies held fortnightly in the homes of the group members. It is suggested that you check the scripture references in your own Bible, as they are more meaningful if you can meditate on the context in relation to their use in the study and their meaning to your own life. The aim of each study is to assist individual readers to find within God's Word; instruction, encouragement, enlightenment, and enablement along life's pilgrimage. But more than that, to find in Jesus Christ the richness of the closest of all personal spiritual relationships. To know the Lord Jesus Christ is to know life eternal, the One in Whom is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.


Below is the full list of topics, most of which are composed of several studies. Please read the Copyright details at the bottom of this page before using the material. These studies are presented in PDF format and are each approximately 50KB long.

 Bible Studies by Category
 SPECIAL Read Your Bible in Three Years
 Series 1. Prayer in the Life of the Christian
 Series 2. The Life and Times of Elijah
 Series 3. Called By a New Name
 Series 4. The World to Come
 Series 5. Living in the Sunshine of God's Love
 Series 6. Who Art Thou, Lord?
 Series 7. The Healing Miracles of Jesus
 Series 8. Children of the King
 Series 9. Romans
 Series 10. Stories Jesus Told
 Series 11. From Egypt to Canaan
 Series 12. Elisha
 Series 13. Esther
 Series 14. Ezekiel

Have you ever thought to read the whole Bible from cover to cover? It can be done in just three years. Click here to find out how.

Below is plenty of reading selections for your daily enrichment. Each is divided into months of the year with a topical connection within each month.

 Favourite Readings by Month
 Favourites for 2009
 Favourites for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
 Favourites for 2020, 2021



Over the years as study leader, pastor and speaker I have drawn freely on the teaching of countless godly men with considerable personal benefit. Men such as F W Boreham, W Francis Dixon, Kenneth S Weust, G Campbell Morgan, W Graham Scroggie, to name a just few, men of God, many of whom have gone on to their reward, men who I will one day meet and thank personally. In Bible Study there is nothing that is new, but all things are new and meaningful to us as we individually travel the stages of the pilgrim road. The studies as presented here are the result of years of such study and must include the ideas of such men. Accordingly we acknowledge their work. No idea is original, if it were it would be suspect. Each of these pages derive directly from a study of the Bible and it comes to you from a fresh comparison of Scripture with Scripture. You are welcome to copy, store or reproduce these studies in whole or in part when you include the words 'Used by Permission, Glen Park Gospel Church.' We trust that your life will be enriched and invite you to pass them on to others also.- Chris Trinham


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