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The church operates a number of community outreach facilities.


Christian Religious Education is an important part of the development of children for their future. The values our society hold dear stem from our Christian heritage; welfare, humility, morality. Today's esteemed adults are a product of that heritage. As such values spiral down in the current "post-Christian" period, it is good to know that we can have a part to play in aquainting today's youth with the knowledge, wisdom, and values of the ageless Christian teaching of the Bible. A few folk from this and other Churches, go weekly into most of the primary schools in the area, as allowed and requested by teachers and parents.

The Ladies Luncheon (men have been known to attend) is an opportunity for local women to keep in touch with each-other, to learn spiritual truths, and of course to enjoy a cuppa. Held at the home of Joan Smith, usually there is a visiting guest speaker from a local or overseas mission, sometimes there's a video. There is always good fellowship.

Bible Expository Ministry is the ministry of Bob Peterson, who has spent many years travelling to churches in various States and New Zealand expressing New Testament scripture in terms of its original Greek texts. These days Bob mainly preaches locally in Melbourne.

Keeping the church property trim and fit takes place at our irregular Working Bee where Mal Parsons keeps everyone busy. This is also an opportunity for folk to get together and, if nothing else, keep themselves trim and fit.

The church keeps a small yet growing Library of books, tapes, and videos which are all available for borrowing. We can point you to titles that cover most topics of spiritual growth & understanding, missions, and even fiction. Additionally, each Sunday service is recorded and made available for a couple of months by Philip Trinham. Copies may be purchased for only $1.00. And don't forget that the Jesus video is available for $5.00 per copy.

The church also holds a number of annual events and celebrations. Most of these are open for anyone to be involved, while a few may need an invitation so we can cater for known numbers of people. See the Special Events page for more details. Another venture is our internet web site. In case that is not how you came to be reading this text, our site is at


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