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Each month the Glen Park Gospel Church produce a one page newsletter called the Green Leaf. It's available from the chapel each Sunday. Some months include a topical article or report. We thought you might appreciate reading those previously published.

 Editorial by Year
 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,
 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
 2020, 2021


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 Editorial in Year 2021
 From Here, Where?
 Why is Belief in God so Airy Fairy?
 On Contemplating the Blessings of Christian Living
 The Other Supper
 A Mother's Love
 Fill Your Heart and Life with the Right Things
 This is My Father's World
 Was Covid19 Foretold in the Bible?
 Buried Treasure?
 The True Christian's "Be-hive"


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 Editorial in Year 2019
 "If Only I Knew Where to Find Him"
 Plough a Straight Furrow
 How Do I Know?
 Easter - The Great Redemption - Written in blood
 Good Friday in the Park - a pictorial report
 The Last of the Autumn Roses
 Losing the Weekly Offering
 Bush Eyes
 Our God, God of the Impossible!
 Written in the Wind
 Some Key Texts for Sharing Your Faith
 Target Nativity
 Editorial in Year 2020
 Eutychus's Long, Long Day
 The Miracle of Wingello
 Always . . . Read the Fine Print
 Jonah's Deep, Deep Experience
 The Will of God In Your Life
 We Really Need to Meet Again!
 But God ...
 Destination Heaven : Latest Travel Information
 Water from The Rock
 Why? It's as easy as ABC!
 I Saw Three Ships


TOP || Next || Previous 2017, 2018

 Editorial in Year 2017
 What's in a name?
 A Date with Death
 Things that are Hard to Swallow
 Buried with Christ and Raised with Him Too
 Dark Light
 Has the Islamic State accidentally proved the superb historicity of the Bible?
 Whiter Than Snow
 Citizens of Another Kingdom
 Claiming the Promises of God
 Stinging Nettles
 O Lord, With You There is Forgiveness
 Editorial in Year 2018
 Time and Eternity
 God's Candles
 The Pot Calling the Kettle Black
 The Resurrection of Jesus is not just truth
 Free Air
 Faith of our Fathers
 The Benefits of Godly Living
 Old Truth
 The intention of man's heart is evil from his youth
 A Tribute to A Man After God's Own Heart
 He's Not All That Bright!
 The Gift That Keeps on Giving


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 Editorial in Year 2015
 Love that is out of this world
 Books of the Bible
 Trust the Lord
 Wonderful Words of Wisdom
 Do You Have Something Missing?
 Hard Questions
 Sin’s Double Cure
 Last Words may be Final Thoughts
 What is the Christian Vitamin?
 Walking the Valley, in the Shadow of Death
 A kiss without whiskers . . .
 And the Word became flesh
 Editorial in Year 2016
 Is 2016 the Year that Jesus Will Come?
 The Blessing of Answered Prayer
 The Last Words of Jesus
 Underneath are the everlasting arms
 Does Jesus Christ Feel at Home in You?
 Flowers of the Forest
 The Healing of the Nations
 The Great Physician
 The Gideon Gospel
 Common Things
 Grey Haired or Old
 Wize Little Things


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 Editorial in Year 2013
 With Eternity in Our Hearts
 No Room for Gloom
 That Red Thread Running Through
 an unnamed editorial
 The Shining Ones
 Seeking the Mind of God
 My Burden is Light
 Our Spiritual Exercise Routine
 Like Showers of Rain
 The Elusive God
 Giving Thanks
 The Baby
 Editorial in Year 2014
 Things God Wants Us to Know
 Waiting on God
 Amazing Fulfilled Prophecy
 Asteroid Attack
 Christ in Isaiah
 When Will Jesus Come Again?
 Pray for your brethren from Mosul
 The Treasures of the Snow
 Troubled, but True
 Cast all your anxiety on God, because He cares for you
 With Tongues of Angels

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 Editorial in Year 2011
 In the Beauty of the Lilies
 The Parable of the Dead Gum Tree
 Earthquake Flood Drought Fire Whirlwind
 The King’s Garden
 Sunshine After Rain
 All Through the Night
 If Sons, Then Heirs
 These Men Were Potters
 God Given Guidelines
 Encourage One Another
 Laugh With God, Not at God
 Come! Wonder!
 Editorial in Year 2012
 2012 - A Year of Change
 Learning from Life
 All that God requires of us is . . .
 The Way of the Cross
 New Every Morning
 As an Eagle . . . so the Lord
 When God is forgotten
 The God Who Delights in Mercy
 Grandma’s Text

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 Editorial in Year 2009
 A Year of Favourite Bible Readings
 The Prison Letters of Paul
 We All Miss Him, but All Heaven Thrills Him
 For These Uncertain Times
 Little Foxes
 Little is Much with God
 Ephriam is a cake not turned
 Promises, Promises, Promises!
 Memorial Stones
 A Speck in My Eye
 Looking for the Coming King
 Editorial in Year 2010
 Let the Lord Lead You in 2010
 A Canary at the Pole!
 Autumn’s Glorious Days
 Practical Proverbs
 Wealth Management for Christians
 The Gospel We Preach
 You Don’t Need Much Faith
 Insecure Securities
 Wanted: Intercessors for Government
 How Did Moses Part the Red Sea?
 The Uniqueness of Jesus
 ... and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us

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 Editorial in Year 2007
 Bible Resources on the Web
 Touch the Hem of His Garment
 Pray for Those in Leadership
 The Crucifixion of Jesus
 Days of Drought
 Jesus in the Midst
 Something Old Something New
 New Historical Evidence for the Moses Exodus
 Looking Back
 Facts from Excavations Support Early Old Testament Record
 When Your Best is Not Good Enough
 Men and Money and More
 The Church Web Site
 If Jesus Had Not Come
 Editorial in Year 2008
 The Ideal Congregation
 What the Lord has Added
 He is Risen
 The Title Deeds to My Home in Heaven
 Pleasing God by the Way We Live
 Be of Good Courage
 Knowing the Unknowable
 A Friend of God
 This New Tablet May be Hard to Swallow
 Muriel Peterson
 With a Song in My Heart
 Mission Spotlight - SU

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 Editorial in Year 2005
 Be Really Alive in 2005
 Thou Art My Son
 The Spiritual Value of a Good Memory
 Dealing With Depression
 Faith Hope Love
 O God, Why...?
 God's Twin Sisters
 The Grace of Giving
 A Christmas Celebration
 Editorial in Year 2006
 2006, Year of Prophecy
 King Hezekiah's Three Miracles
 The Lord is Good to Those Who Wait For Him
 Each of Us Has Turned to His Own Way
 Israel and Lebanon
 When They Go In...
 Reflections For Christian Living
 Be Found in the Place of Prayer
 Christmas 2006

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 Editorial in Year 2003
 I Will Seek to Know Jesus Personally
 He Has Chosen Us
 What is the Gospel
 Casting the Net
 The Mystery of Reconciliation
 The Power of Prayer and Missions
 The Beloved Physician
 Bible Doubters Theory Down the Drain
 The Reason Jesus Came
 Editorial in Year 2004
 Secrets of Jesus
 Why Does God Let Such Things Happen?
 Lonely in Isolation
 Children of the King
 MADD Australia, MAD Idea?
 Ageless Answers to Perpetual Problems
 Bible Study Fellowship at Glen Park
 80 Years Young
 A Time To Remember
 Christmas at Glen Park

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 Editorial in Year 2001
 Another Year, So Count the Gray Hairs!
 Stork Means a Bundle of Trouble
 Probabilities and Certainties
 Doing the Impossible
 Things to Come?
 Where Does the War on Terrorism fit into Scripture?
 What's the best bet for the race?
 Editorial in Year 2002
 2002 - The Year Ahead
 A Messenger From Outer Space
 The Refiner of Silver
 Because It Works
 How to Enjoy Peace of Heart
 John Mark, An Ordinary Christian
 About Angels
 Shadow Ministry


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 Editorial in Year 1999
 Is 1999 the End of an Era?
 The Gamaliel Letter
 Surplus Economics
 Missing Out on Entering In
 Bush Eyes
 So Simple, So Sublime, So Secure
 A Time to Remember
 Any Old Star Will Do !
 Editorial in Year 2000
 The 2000 Year Long Party
 An Opportunity Too Good to Miss
 Attractions Can Become Distractions
 Finding The Will of God In Your Life
 Testimonies of the Jesus Video
 The Gnome in Genome
 Eternal Ink
 Life After Death After All
 Target Nativity

TOP || Next || Previous 1997, 1998

 Editorial in Year 1997
 Are you a Green Leaf?
 Read the Bible in 3 Years
 Jackie's Story
 Holy Land
 Secrets From the Past
 Missionaries Under Threat
 Give Him the name ‘Jesus'
 Editorial in Year 1998
 If Only I Knew Where to Find Him
 Following Jesus in Baptism
 You Are Welcome
 The Light That is In You

TOP || Next || Previous 1995, 1996

 Editorial in Year 1995
 Come Alive in '95
 Dedicate Ourselves to God
 Life Under the Sun
 Mothers in Bible Times
 What Goes On At Derby
 A little bit of love
 Finding God in Prayer
 Children and the Kingdom of God
 Blessings From Honiara
 Living on the Promises of God
 Doing God's Work
 Led by the Spirit
 Tying the Knot
 God's Christmas Gift
 Editorial in Year 1996
 How to Support the Federal Election
 Another Christian Elected to Office
 Christians Standing for Election
 Bible Sales Double in Six Years
 The Beauty of a Christian Home
 Proving The Validity of Our Faith


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