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Good Friday in the Park sign

Easter 2008

Easter is a special time in the Christian calendar. In fact, it is the most special remembrance each year, even ahead of Christmas. Easter celebrates the gift God made to his creation; a gift sealed in sorrow, that became His greatest victory on our behalf. It is a gift that is also the greatest mystery of the Bible, and the greatest event in history. In deed, even the years count the birth of this man, Jesus.

If only to satisfy a curiosity, and especially to heal a broken heart, come along each year to our Good Friday in the Park, across the road from the Eltham North Primary School, by the Diamond creek. You don't have to enter a Church building, or even sit in the audience. Just prop yourself along the fence, and hear what all the fuss is about. Then afterwards, we can chat over a cupper and hot-cross buns.

This year it was a cool start, despite a March Easter, yet some 90 people rallied to invitations and notices to share in the Good Friday in the Park. Bryan Greenwood, a Melbourne evangelist, was guest speaker, supported by the musical abilities of Ron Ellis from the Diamond Valley Baptist Church and the leadership of Gordon Hutchinson from Glen Park Gospel Church.

Good Friday in the Park has been an annual event for many years, and for all but one of them, the rain has held back on this proclamation of the Gospel. At the Glen Park Gospel Church we see this as one of the ways that we are able to share the good news of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the blessing that can come into the lives of those who place their trust in Him.


This is the sort of thing we like to see; people enjoying the sun and fellowship...

Gordon Hutchinson presents Glen Park

...and encouraged to join in.

Everyone claps along

But in 2002 it rained, so we had to resort to the little church hall.

Steve Messer and his bluegrass band were excellent and there was a clear testimony to the real meaning of Easter.

As usual, lots of people get to take part either singing, reading God's word, or explaining the meaning of Easter.

From left to right: Bryan Greenwood gave the inpirational message, Dale Phillips and Ron Ellis sang solo, Jenny Anderson read scripture, Gordon Hutchinson introduced our church, and Marj Swales also read scripture.

Bryan Greenwood, an evangelist, has become something of a regular, for his clear telling of why Easter cannot be ignored.

Bryan Greenwood spelled out the meaning of Easter for our own lives.

Dale Philip (in the light shirt) and Ron Ellis (also singing) support us just as regularly in song. Ron will also sell CDs of his lovely tenor voice, with all proceeds going to mission supprt.

Folk from the Diamond Valley Baptist Church provide music and singing.

Of course, there is always time for a cuppa, especially on the colder mornings...

...and, naturally, hot cross buns are in abundant supply.

We'll even let the kids have some.

Being served a cupper and bun


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