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Over the years as study leader, pastor and speaker I have drawn freely on the teaching of countless godly men with considerable personal benefit. Men such as F W Boreham, W Francis Dixon, Kenneth S Weust, G Campbell Morgan, W Graham Scroggie, to name a just few, men of God, many of whom have gone on to their reward, men who I will one day meet and thank personally. In Bible Study there is nothing that is new, but all things are new and meaningful to us as we individually travel the stages of the pilgrim road. The studies as presented here are the result of years of such study and must include the ideas of such men. Accordingly we acknowledge their work. No idea is original, if it were it would be suspect. Each of these pages derive directly from a study of the Bible and it comes to you from a fresh comparison of Scripture with Scripture. You are welcome to copy, store or reproduce these studies in whole or in part when you include the words 'Used by Permission, Glen Park Gospel Church.' We trust that your life will be enriched and invite you to pass them on to others also.- Chris Trinham


 Series 9. Romans
 9.1   The Man and His Message (47KB)  It is difficult to study the apostle Paul's letter to the Romans in any detail without taking substantial time and effort. The studies presented here are going to require that effort, yet much reward awaits those who seek to understand Paul's teachings. Because there are so many individual studies they are presented in six groups, however the intention should be to complete all of the studies together.
         Series 1. Condemnation - No one is righteous
 9.2   Gentiles and Barbarians (48KB)
 9.3   Seven Criterion for the Judgment of God (54KB)
 9.4   The Jew and God's Judgement (51KB)
         Series 2. Justification is all of God by Jesus Christ
 9.5   Justification is by God’s Grace, Through Our Faith (49KB)
 9.6   The Jew is Justified Only By Faith in Jesus Christ (49KB)
         Series 3.
 9.7   And Now, Having Been Justified... (52KB)
 9.8   Exploring the Love of God (52KB)
 9.9   God's Three Gifts (51KB)
         Series 4. Living in the Spirit
 9.10 The Way God Works (46KB)
 9.11 Our Part In God’s Provision (54KB)
 9.12 A Wholly New Life (48KB)
 9.13 Paul’s Own Experience (55KB)
 9.14 Paul's Confusion (48KB)
 9.15 The Spirit of Holiness (49KB)
 9.16 The Spirit of Holiness: Part 2 (47KB)
 9.17 Sons by Adoption (44KB)
 9.18 Living Victoriously in the Spirit (47KB)
 9.19 The Believer's Security (51KB)
 9.20 Overcoming by Transforming (50KB)
         Series 5.
 9.21 What Christians Should Know About Jews (49KB)
 9.22 God's Choosing (47KB)
 9.23 Israel's Rejection (46KB)
 9.24 The Restoration of Israel (45KB)
         Series 6.
 9.25 Mission, Men, Maps, Movements, Methods and Meanings (48KB)
 9.26 Transformed by a Renewed Mind (48KB)
 9.27 Our Body for His Body: Part 2 (52KB)
 9.28 Living and Serving in the Fellowship: Part 3 (54KB)
 9.29 Living for Christ in an Abrasive World (54KB)
 9.30 The Christian and Civil Authorities (51KB)
 9.31 The Debt and Duty of Christian Living (41KB)
 9.32 Preferring One-another (47KB)
 9.33 Preferring One-another: Part 2 (46KB)
 9.34 How to Strengthen One Another in the Faith (43KB)
 9.35 Bringing Things Together (48KB)
 9.36 A Review and Summary of Romans (69KB)


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