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Over the years as study leader, pastor and speaker I have drawn freely on the teaching of countless godly men with considerable personal benefit. Men such as F W Boreham, W Francis Dixon, Kenneth S Weust, G Campbell Morgan, W Graham Scroggie, to name a just few, men of God, many of whom have gone on to their reward, men who I will one day meet and thank personally. In Bible Study there is nothing that is new, but all things are new and meaningful to us as we individually travel the stages of the pilgrim road. The studies as presented here are the result of years of such study and must include the ideas of such men. Accordingly we acknowledge their work. No idea is original, if it were it would be suspect. Each of these pages derive directly from a study of the Bible and it comes to you from a fresh comparison of Scripture with Scripture. You are welcome to copy, store or reproduce these studies in whole or in part when you include the words 'Used by Permission, Glen Park Gospel Church.' We trust that your life will be enriched and invite you to pass them on to others also.- Chris Trinham


 Series 11. From Egypt to Canaan
 11.1   Learning to Live in the Spirit (41KB)

 The LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend. Exodus 33:11a. (NASB)

This verse does not say that Moses looked on God. It says that God would converse with him in the manner that a man will speak with his friend. A friendship of familiarity and affection is one that grows out of like interests, mutual trust, and joint activity. That kind of friendship is very worthwhile and is characterised by good communication.

The Israelite nation had a hard time trusting Moses the way he trusted God. All they knew was that being slaves to Pharoh wasn't pleasant and the promise offered by a man who clearly had a direct line to God was very much to be desired.

The journey from Egypt to Canaan, however, was to prove much more arduous and would be used of God to call out a people for His Name. The Israelites would be completely transformed along the way in preparation for true nationhood and true allegiance to the one and only God.

 11.2   Leaving Egypt - Beginning to Live in Christ (40KB)
 11.3   Delivered From the Old Life (40KB)
 11.4   Healing of Bitterness (45KB)
 11.5   Manna - What Manner of Stuff is This? It is a Gift! (42KB)
 11.6   Water From the Rock (43KB)
 11.7   . . . and then came Amalek (38KB)
 11.8   The Spiritual Advantage of Order and Discipline (34KB)
 11.9   Moses My Servant (33KB)
 11.10 Kadesh: Land of Giants (39KB)
 11.11 Spiritual Arteriosclerosis (41KB)
 11.12 The Sons of Kohath (34KB)
 11.13 Moses My Servant is Dead (42KB)


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